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How do we communicate as a Club?

Communication is an important part of any club. We use a range of platforms to communicate to our coaches, players, members and other clubs.​

Below is a quick reference of how we do so -

Facebook ( - This is our public facing page where people with affiliations with the club or external people with an interest in following what is happening within the club.

Instagram - Like our public Facebook page, this is an opportunity for us to share content in Instagram format.

Facebook Group ( - This is a private group for interested, current or past players/coaching/administrators. This group is to allow open communication to be raised in a safe forum. Please be mindful, that should you have an issue the first step should be to reach out to a committee member or your captain/coach/manager to see if the issue can be addressed. We do welcome a good debate on this group but don't want things to get carried away on the keyboard!

Team Communication - The teams use a range of comms.  Please check with your team at the beginning of the season.

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