Club Subs

Subs  for the 2020 Season following discounts provided by Hockey New Zealand and Wellington Hockey to take into account the impacts of COVID-19

  • Tertiary Students - $350

  • Non Students - $390

  • Secondary School Students - $290

  • Coaches/Managers - $220

  • Goalies (with their own gear) - $265

  • Committee Members - $225

These need to be paid to the club by the following dates:

  • Date 6 July 2020 - minimum initial payment of $200

  • Date 7 August 2020 - balance of any subs owing

(Note: it helps the club's cashflow enormously if you can pay your total season subs in one hit!)

How do I pay my subs?
You will be emailed an invoice directly from the Club Treasurer which includes all the various payments options and instructions. These options are also listed below.

(1) Direct Credit via Internet Banking

  • A/c name - Victoria University of Wellington Hockey Club

  • Bank - Kiwibank Limited

  • Branch - Wellington

  • Account Number - 38-9011-0472768-00. [Please use your name. Invoice Number & "Subs" in the payment reference and code fields]

(2) Credit Card (a 3% processing fee also applies to all credit card payments).

(3) Other payment arrangement

  • Drop an email to the Club Treasurer to discuss options/arrangements

What do I do if I’m going to have difficulty paying subs?
As soon as you think this could be a problem, please speak to the Club Treasurer. They’re here to help, and will work with you to figure out the be option.

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