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2012 Club Trials

What do I need to do?
This year, the online registration form caters for those registering for Trials and those registering to play in one of the Clubs reserve grade sides. The opportunity is also there in this years online form, for those who will stay with the club regardless of selection outcomes, to complete their season registration at the same time.

I’m wanting to play in a Premier side (i.e. one of the top Club teams) - If this sounds like you, the Club needs you to register for the Trials in March by clicking on the link below, and attend on the 3rd and/or 11th of March at NHS. If you can’t make either of those two dates, but still want to be considered for a Premier side, please fill in the form anyway, and mark where indicated you can’t come to the trials.

I would like to play hockey Socially or in one of the Reserve grades - if this sounds like what you’re after, there is no need for you to attend the trials. You simply fill in the 2012 VUWHC Registration form (Link below). This will register you as a member of VUWHC for the 2012 season, and you will be placed in a team.

Trials and Season registrations are closed

Important Stuff
Trials Dates & Times (please be there 45 minutes before to allow for warmup and administration bits and pieces)

  • Trial 1 - Saturday, 3rd of March, 1-5pm (note: the trials will be split, Women 1-3pm & Men 3-5pm)

  • Trial 2 - Sunday, 11th of March, 1 - 3pm

  • Location - NHS 1 & 2 for both Trials (map)

  • Ideally the club would like you to attend both the trials. This helps significantly when selecting the various teams.

What you need to bring
Bring all you normal hockey playing gear, plus a white and dark coloured shirt. Bring money or your EFTPOS card for use upstairs at the Pavilion.

Is there anything else I need to know at this stage?

  • Check out the Clubs Terms and Conditions. These lay out your financial obligations. While the Club always endeavours to keep these as low as possible - Hockey still costs.

  • Have a look at the FAQ’s page, it will answer a lot of questions that commonly come up. If you still can’t get the answer you are after, please feel free to email the Club Secretary.

  • Subs - always on the forefront of everyones mind. These are set at the AGM. As a guide, 2011 Season subs were: $370 (non-tertiary), $320 (tertiary student), or $250 (secondary school student)

Vic Uni Hockey Club would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support:

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